Fruit Feeder Gallery, Serra Bonita, Bahia: June 25-26, 2013

Few things are more frustrating than getting rained out on a birding trip, but having private access to a fruit feeder is certainly some consolation. My recent trip to Serra Bonita, a montane Atlantic Forest reserve in Bahia, never saw a dry moment, and I did all of my birding in a persistent drizzle, if not a steady rain. Whenever I returned to the research station for a meal, I would stop by the fruit feeder for a little photography to lift my spirits. Habitual visitors included the Violaceous Euphonia and  Green Honeycreeper, and a Pectoral Sparrow would occasionally make an appearance as well. Things would really brighten up though when the tanager flocks descended, highlighted by the magnificent Red-Necked Tanager.

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