Emas National Park Gallery

Emas National Park is the largest protected grasslands in Central Brazil. Covering well over 1000 square kilometers, the reserve protects the classic Cerrado ecosystem, with its seemingly endless grassy fields dotted with towering termite mounds and interspersed with dense patches of swampy forest. It's home to a variety of large mammals, including Jaguar, Maned Wolf, Brazilian Tapir, and Giant Anteater, and it also shelters a number of threatened bird species, including the recently rediscovered Cone-Billed Tanager. Despite its size, the park is abruptly bordered on all sides by a sea of agriculture, and waves of corn, soy, cotton, and sugar cane lap at its shores, while within naturally occurring fires routinely wipe out huge expanses of grassland habitat, leaving birds and animals with nowhere to flee.  As it's an infrequently visited and poorly covered birding site, I've included some photographs of the park and its environs below, taken during a recent trip in May at the beginning of the dry season.


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