Hyacinth Macaw Gallery

The Hyacinth Macaw, or Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus, is almost certainly the iconic bird of the Pantanal, although it used to range well beyond the region and throughout Central Brazil.  While the Jabiru, Plumbeous Ibis, or Great Rufous Woodcreeper are equally distinctive, no other bird better represents the magnificence or the fragility of the Pantanal.  Its numbers greatly reduced by habitat destruction and trapping during the 1980's, the macaw's population has since rebounded, thanks to a successful conservation project involving the cooperation of cattle ranchers who started protecting the macaw's favored trees and palms as well as constructing nest boxes.  While at one point less than 1500 individuals remained, birders will now have little trouble finding the largest parrot species in the world at any pousada along the Transpantaneira Highway.


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