Yellow-Shouldered Grosbeak Gallery

The Yellow-Shouldered Grosbeak, or Parkerthraustes humeralis, is a distinctive but seldom seen inhabitant of the canopy of terra firma forests of the western and southern Amazon basin. Despite several trips to the Ecuadorian Amazon, I hadn't seen it until recently while birding from the new observation tower at Cristalino Lodge in Mato Grosso, where our guide Jorge Lopes taped a pair in that was foraging with a mixed flock (he digiscoped the second and third photographs using Aimee's camera). The monotypic genus honors the legendary neotropical ornithologist Ted Parker, who is long overdue for a biography, in my opinion.

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  1. For a biography of Ted that I have been working on now for 10 years, please contact me regarding any memories (if you knew him) or comments (how his work influenced you, etc.). Thanks in advance! Gregg Gorton (and please see my recent blog piece:


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