Parque Nacional de Brasília: February 10, 2012

I spent a few hours on Friday morning birding the Capivara Trail at the national park just outside of Brasília. A pair of White-Striped Warblers were calling melodiously along the maintenance road at the start of the trail, and they proceeded to forage along the forest edge, hopping along the road itself at times. Considering the only other time I've seen this species is after digging it out of swampy undergrowth with my iPod, I was pretty surprised. The trail itself through gallery forest was clouded over with mosquitoes, but several Southern Antpipits were strutting around in the leaf litter, and a male Chestnut-Vented Conebill was moving with a mixed flock in the canopy overhead. With still neither sight nor sound of the Brasília Tapaculo, it's time I ask someone about a stakeout in the area.

Notable birds seen: Short-Tailed Hawk, Olivaceous Woodcreeper, Streaked Xenops, Planalto Slaty Antshrike, Black-Capped Antwren, Yellow-Olive Flatbill, Southern Antpipit, Helmeted Manakin, White-Bellied Warbler, Flavescent Warbler, White-Striped Warbler, Blue Dacnis, Black-Goggled Tanager, Chestnut-Vented Conebill, Green-Winged Saltator.

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